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by Glen Swartwout

Humans and water hobbits have an affinity for water.  While The Shire rainforest environment famously supplies over 11 feet of rain water each year, keeping the aina lush and green, and blooming round the seasons, there is no naturally occurring surface water feature in the lands of Puna, except during floods, of course.  That is because the land itself is holey.  Holy, too, yes, sacred.  But full of holes as well.  Lava tubes carry underground streams to the sea.  Ground water percolates through many of the cindery, air pocked rock layers like it would through a sponge.  Only the dense blue rock of thick pahoehoe flows slows it down, or hold a bit in localized depressions in the flow.  That is why we dream of building a series of ponds, connected by waterways and wetlands, in addition to water catchments, cisterns, warm ponds, hot tubs, bath tubs and other water technologies.

One of the water technologies we look forward to developing is aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics for efficient utilization of resources for growing both plants and fish such as tilapia.  Growing the plants in raised aquaponic beds with copper feet in a greenhouse environment produces perfect slug free produce with zero waste and minimal need for processing. Read the rest of this entry